Class Spotlight: Survey of American Music with Alex Oliverio

The Division of Fine and Performing Arts is pleased to welcome Alex Oliverio to the #pvccfinearts family, teaching Survey of American Music on Tuesday and Thursdays. This class explores the history of the music of North America from the earliest American Indian music to the present. It includes an introduction to the musical trends, composers, socioeconomic developments and trends, musical forms and styles that influence our modern American musical sense.

“In this class, we explore American musical traditions and the forces that put them in motion.”



Alex Oliverio is a guitarist from Phoenix, Arizona. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Performance at Arizona State University in 2013. During his time at ASU, Alex competed in numerous composition competitions and succeeded in winning the student, faculty, and guest artist pick for three separate compositions. After graduating from ASU, Alex published a book examining improvisations by Lee Konitz and released a debut CD with his group Nautabot. He recently earned his Master’s degree in Jazz Studies and Improvised Music at the University of Washington.  

“I enjoy sharing my time, knowledge, and experiences with students. I had a student come up to me after the first class and challenge much of the information I had presented. I love when students challenge the status quo!”

Alex’s group Sunshine Ensemble was featured on The Best Jazz on Bandcamp March 2018. He is also part of a Seattle-based group called Hunter Gather. Below, see them performing their song “Bivouac” on KNKX in Seattle in July.