October Events at PVCC: film festival, jazz under the stars, saturday concert series and more!

October 2 & 23

Film Festival at PVCC Presents: The Hidden Face
October 2, 2019

2011 ‧ Drama/Thriller ‧ 1h 43m

A woman (Clara Lago) accidentally becomes trapped in her new home's panic room while trying to spy on her boyfriend (Quim Gutiérrez).

Film Festival at PVCC Presents: Ilo Ilo
October 23, 2019

2013 ‧ Drama/Family ‧ 1h 39m

Pregnant Hwee Leng Lim and her husband Teck hire a Filipino live-in maid for household chores and to help with their son Jiale, whose behaviour has deteriorated since the recent death of his grandfather.

October 4 & 5


Studio Theater/M-East Building. $5 Admission.
Oct 4th @ 7:30pm.
Oct 5th, 6th @ 2:00pm

Click here for tickets

The first show is Trifles, directed by Rosemary Dann. Trifles is a show set in 1916, a very impactful piece for it's time! The show tackles themes such as gender, isolation, and justice!

The second show is Hell Cop, written and directed by Jason Jones. A hysterical comedy about, well, cops... in hell! One could say that it's a hell of a time!

October 5

CALUMET (Funk/Soul)

The Valley's funkiest good-time band since 2001, Calumet brings the best old-school jams and favorites.

Saturday, October 5th at 6:30pm

CPA Outdoor Stage
Admission is FREE!

Food Truck: Cheese, Love, and Happiness

Kids Craft Table provided by PVCC's Education Program

October 7 & 21

CAST Theatre Club Meetings

The College Artists Society of Theatre (CAST) does various activities such as workshops in all areas of theatre, parties, flash mobs trips to theaters and more.

October 7: Makeup Workshop taught by Haley Larsen

October 21: Puma Fest Planning

C.A.S.T. is open to currently enrolled PVCC students.

October 11-13

Desperado LGBTQ Film Festival

Desperado showcases quality films that are related to the experiences of the LGBT community. The event is educational, enlightening, entertaining, and enjoyable. In addition to the screening of films, local artisans, painters and photographers are showcased in the art gallery.

Center for the Performing Arts.

For additional information and to purchase tickets, click HERE.

October 22


Sponsored by the PVCC Creative Writing Program, join Seth Michelson, poet, translator and professor of poetry for a visiting lecture in The Bridges Series.

October 23

PVCC Music presents: Jazz Under The Stars
Featuring PVCC Large and Small Ensembles and guests.

Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:00pm

CPA outdoor stage
Admission is FREE

The Divine Feminine. Christina Carmel. wwww.artistchristinacarmel.com

October 23

Opening Reception for artist Christina Carmel

Join us for the opening reception of artist Christina Carmel in the Center for the Performing Arts Gallery.

Center for the Performing Arts
Refreshments provided

Christina Carmel has always had a passion for humans. This is why she has chosen to use human beings and their myriad of expressions, conditions, and experiences as the subjects for her art. She hopes her art will inspire us all to find the things that connect us, that bring us together, and that tell our collective story.

An Evening in the Arts: One Night, Two Events, Free Admission

One night, two events, free admission! Join us for an evening in the arts at the Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday, September 18th starting at 5:30p.m.

art gallery reception


Raconteur’s Narrative: 2015 - 2019 features painting, drawing and assemblage works by PVCC Visual Arts student Lydia Robb. Open to the public, light refreshments will be provided. Works will be on view from September 16th through October 8th, 2019.

Film Festival at PVCC

A Man Called Ove
2015 ‧ Drama/Comedy-drama ‧ 1h 56m

Ove (Rolf Lassgård) is the quintessential angry old man next door. An isolated retiree with strict principles and a short fuse, who spends his days enforcing block association rules that only he cares about, and visiting his wife's grave, Ove has given up on life. After a boisterous young family moves in next door and accidentally flattens Ove's mailbox, an unlikely friendship forms.

Visiting Artist Kimberly Harris Joins PVCC to Create Mosaic Tile Mural

Beginning August 30th, the PVCC Ceramics Club will host visiting artist Kimberly Harris in D-Building Ceramics Studio. Held on every Friday from 10am - 2pm, she will guide students, faculty and staff through the process of designing and fabricating seven mosaic tile mural panels, each depicting the seven core values of PVCC:

  • Learning

  • Diversity

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Excellence

  • Partnerships

  • Sustainability

Each panel will be 2'w x 6'h and when completed will be attached to the exterior of G building. Everyone on campus is invited to participate! Registration is not required.

For more information contact david.bradley@paradisevalley.edu.

PVCC Music Department Launches Student-Run Record Label

This Fall PVCC's Music Industry Studies (MIS) Program is pleased to launch UNION32 Entertainment: a student-run music record label/entertainment company that will plan, organize and present one large-scale event per semester.

UNION32 operates as a small independent record label with several departments. The Music Industry Studies program seeks students from all programs, disciplines and majors at PVCC to participate in this exciting new venture.

UNION32 Entertainment will operate the following departments, providing roles for students across disciplines in:









In addition, the MIS program seeks PVCC faculty and staff to serve on the label’s Board of Advisors.

Interested in learning more?

Interested students, faculty and staff should send an e-mail to PVCC’s Music Department with the title RECORD LABEL to music@paradisevalley.edu.

Fall 2019 Visual & Performing Arts Convocation

unnamed 2.jpg


Thursday, August 15th


Center for the Performing Arts (CPA)

On Thursday, August 15th PVCC's Division of Fine & Performing Arts will hold a convocation for current students in Fine & Performing Arts programs as well as new students who have identified an interest in the new Visual & Performing Arts Field of Interest. The convocation will include:








To RSVP, e-mail christopher.scinto@paradisevalley.edu with your name and specific area(s) of interest in the Visual and Performing Arts:

  • Art

  • Audio Production

  • Dance

  • Digital Arts

  • Fashion Design

  • Film and Media

  • Graphic Design

  • Interior Design

  • Media Arts

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Theatre Arts

A Champion for the Contralto: Piper Pack-Smith Explores The Lowest Female Singing Voice


by Piper Pack-Smith

I started teaching at PVCC in 2014 when I moved back to my home city of Phoenix after 20 years of being away. PVCC enriches my understanding of the voice because of the incredible diversity of students I've encountered. Often the students come in without their own voice classification which prompts me to wonder about how teachers assign voice types.

I have also had the pleasure of teaching theater classes (Voice & Diction and Music Theatre Workshop) both of which have inspired me to think about how we think about character in relationship to voice — a critical part of my exploration of Rossini recently published in the Opera Journal of the National Opera Association.

Women with lower voices were able to play characters that had more gravitas, heroism and intelligence, as if they were "part male.”

He wrote in an age where women had very few options. Women with lower voices were able to play characters that had more gravitas, heroism and intelligence, as if they were "part male.” The hardest part of exploring the topic was finding and reading through texts from the 1800s. There is some modern writing on the subject but most of my research involved reading through old comments and letters, sometimes in Italian.

The most surprising part of this research was learning how different opera careers could be, and how short! It emphasized the importance of teaching technique for longevity, knowing that these pieces were written for singers who often had careers that lasted fewer than 10 years.

Rossini, who wrote more operas for lower-voiced women than any other composer, saw a difference between the mezzo-soprano and contralto.

I explored the composition process, reading the entertaining stories of the singers and composers of that era. It brought me joy to explore a different but exciting culture of singers and musicians. The thesis of my paper is that Rossini, who wrote more operas for lower-voiced women than any other composer, saw a difference between the mezzo-soprano and contralto, despite modern casting that interchanges those two voices.

I am interested in our hesitation in modern voice teaching and singing to call people contraltos, usually opting for mezzo-soprano because the term is "safer." And yet at one time the professional singing world was flooded with contraltos. Was that because of taste, terminology or marketing?

Rossini had a love for the contralto and spoke about the voice type quite a bit. He is also a primary part of the opera "canon," whose operas were popular in 1813 and still are in 2019. Thus, he remains a champion for the contralto to this day!

Rediscovering the Unique Role of the Contralto in the Operas of Gioachino Rossini by Piper Pack-Smith


Dr. Piper Pack-Smith joined the PVCC faculty in 2014. She currently teaches Voice & Diction, Music Theatre Workshop and Individual Voice Lessons, as well as masterclasses and workshops in auditioning and accents & dialects. As a performer, she has consistently impressed audiences with her rich mezzo voice and natural stage presence.  She has appeared with a number of arts organizations across the country, including the Los Angeles Opera, the Santa Fe Opera, the Phoenix Symphony, Opera Memphis, Opera Pacific and the Bronx Opera. Piper has performed in national sold-out tours as Ruth in Pirates of Penzance and Buttercup in H.M.S. Pinafore. Following her move to New York in 2003, she created the role of Mama in the new Off-Broadway production Valentino. In 2018, Piper completed her DMA at the University of Arizona. She also holds degrees from UCIrvine and Pepperdine. She has received awards including a PVCC Arty, and an MONCA award.  In 2018 she was invited to present her research on Rossini and the contralto at the Hawaii International Conference on the Humanities and is slated to be published in the June issue of the Opera Journal, a publication of the National Opera Association. 

Oz: The Land That Time Forgot


It’s been almost one hundred years since anyone from the outside world has stepped foot in Oz. In that time, things have changed for the worse….a new ruler, the Demented Dodo, has overthrown the Ozian government, and he cannot be stopped. Meanwhile back on earth, Clea has been elected student council president, and the new principal of Gale Junior High is making ridiculous regulations in a student handbook he has written. As a thunderstorm rages on, Clea and the school mascot, Ferret-o, are transported to the land of Oz. Can Clea and her pal Ferret-o save Oz and also make changes for the good at her middle school? Who will stand with the Dodo? Who will stand with Clea? Featuring a wide variety of characters from all of Baum’s Oz tales. World Premiere. Appropriate for family audiences.

June 21, 22, 28 and 29 at 7:30pm; June 23 and 30 at 2:00pm
$15 adults; $12 seniors/staff; $10 students/military; $8 children
*4 additional ticket fee at the door 1 hour prior to performance.

Click here to purchase tickets online: https://bit.ly/2XfO0gf

No Experience Necessary: Free Summer Music Workshops at PVCC


Welcome to NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, the Summer Music Education Series at Paradise Valley Community College.

Presented by the Commercial Music Program, all events in this series at FREE and open to students, staff and community. Reservations are not required but are recommended. Call 602-787-7738 to reserve your space.


Summer Sing-along

Mondays, 6:30pm-8:30pm, CPA 115 music room, Instructor: Phil Goldblatt

Join us every Monday evening in June to sing a wide variety of musical styles in a choral setting. Attendees will learn proper breathing and vocal technique as well as simple harmonization. 

  • Monday, June 3rd - Selections from The Beatles

  • Monday, June 10th – Selections from Broadway

  • Monday, June 17th – Selections from Disney

  • Monday, June 24th – Selections from Billboard Top 40

The Art of Audio Mixing and Remixing

Mondays, 6:30pm-8:30pm, CPA 120 Electronic Music Lab, Instructors: Brett Reed and John Keenan

  • Monday, June 3rd – Mixing Foundations: Bass and Drums in Acoustic Music - Brett Reed

  • Monday, June 10th – Using Samples: Modern Drum Sounds for Stage and Studio - Brett Reed

  • Monday, June 17th – How to Remix: Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, U2 - John Keenan

  • Monday, June 24th – Making Beats for Radio Friendly Songs - John Keenan


Brazilian Drum and Dance Workshops

Tuesday, 6:30pm-8:30pm, KSC1000, Instructors: Joseph Goglia, Samuel Peña and special guests

Join us every Tuesday in June to explore the hand drumming rhythms, songs and dance from Brazil, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Be sure not to miss June 11th for a very special Bomba masterclass with Beto Torrens from Puerto Rico.

  • June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, June 25th

 Collaborative Improvisation and Music Composition

Tuesday, 6:30pm-8:30pm, CPA115, Instructors: Josh Bennett and Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer

Join Oh My Ears (OME) administrators Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer and Josh Bennett to discover and experiment with modern music making techniques. This class will explore how collaborative improvisation and composition can yield exciting musical creativity. We will investigate group improvisation, graphic score composition and analysis, group composition, electroacoustic experimentation, and more! Bring your axe and an open mind!

  • June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, June 25th


Music Technology Workshops

Wednesdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm, CPA 120 Music Lab, Instructor: Tony Obr

  • June 5th -  Introduction to Modular Synthesis- Learn the basics of analog modular synths, including tips on      how to set up your own modular system. Noprior experience necessary.

  • June 12th -  Intermediate Modular Synthesis- Learn about more advanced analog modular synthesizer topics, including how to connect a modular synth to other gear and recording a modular in a DAW. No prior experience required, but participation in the previous (June 5th) workshop is encouraged.   

  • June 19th -  Interactive Multimedia Art- Learn about creative coding and build audio reactive visuals in programs like Processing and Nodebox. No prior experience necessary.

  • June 26th -  DIY Low Power Synthesizers and Circuit Bending- Learn the basics of handmade electronic music. Have fun building your own low power synthesizer! Participants are encouraged to bring a 9volt battery. No prior experience necessary.

 Singer/Songwriter Open Mic

Wednesdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm, CPA 115, Instructors: Michael Ferraro and special guests

Please call 602-787-7738 to signed up to perform each week. Performers should prepare two songs each week.

Piano, Amps and PA system will be provided.

  • June 5th – Co-Hosts: JAM and Summer Welsh

  • June 12th – Co-Hosts: TBD

  • June 19th – Co-Hosts: Janae Dunn and Lois Zozobrado

  • June 26th – Co-Hosts: TBD


Film Scoring Analysis and Live Film Scoring 

Thursdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm, CPA 120 Music Lab, Instructor: Josiel Perez

During this workshop, the participants become familiar with film scoring genres such as comedy, horror, mystery, adventure, and action. The participants will also have the opportunity to score live by using their primary or secondary instrument during the session. This technique fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking in solving problems because of the opportunity to score a scene on the spot.

  • June 6th -  Comedy -Alan Silvestri

  • June 13th -  Horror - Charles Bernsteine

  • June 20th -  Action - James Newton Howard

  • June 27th -  Source Music