Emerging Artist Series 2017

Opening Reception - Wednesday, March 1st at 5:30pm - Center for the Performing Arts

Highlighting up-and-coming student artists Michael Moretti, David Warner, and Taylor Wilson.

The artwork will be on view from February 27, to March 23, 2017. 

Taylor Wilson: Mixed Media

Wilson’s work focuses on duality of internal and external views of divorces and the ways it affects the family. Her imagery and structure is meant to allow people to feel the impact of divorce that becomes so ingrained in the notion of what it brings about.

David Warner: Painting

Warner’s work explores themes of loss and gain, perseverance, and the search for one’s own integrity and truth: both conscious and subconscious progression through adversity and the search for inner truth. He expresses these ideas through a combination of abstract and surreal elements.

Michael Moretti: Photography

For Moretti, photography is often aside effect of venturing out into nature and absorbing the whole experience. Taking what’s before him and trying to convey the experience through a single photo. Much of his work and way of thinking is influenced by the many great photographers who have been featured in Arizona Highways magazine.