MUP181: Urban Arts Ensemble at PVCC

Mural by El Mac and Augustine Kofie. Circle 6 Studios, Phoenix, AZ.

This fall, the Division of Fine and Performing Arts at PVCC is pleased to offer MUP 181 #42142, the  Urban Arts Ensemble. A mixture of hip-hop dance, music, spoken word and technology, the ensemble will be led by Samuel Peña, creator of AZ Beat Lab and graduate of the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts' School of Music.

Learn more about Samuel and his work through his Q&A and video interview with the Herberger Institute:

Fall registration is now open. Enroll in MUP 181 #42142 by clicking on the schedule below. Class begins on 9/13.

Curious about the ensemble experience? Hear from our instructors about what makes the PVCC Ensemble experience rich, affordable and unique: