New Music Classes for Spring 2015

MHL 204-39149 -  Hip-Hop Music and Culture – 3 credits

A history of Hip-Hop's musical and artistic elements and how cultural, social, political, and economic conditions have shaped its evolution. Prerequisites: ENG101, or ENG107, or permission of Instructor.

TR, 2:00p-3:25p, G. Rulon-Maxwell, Begins on 2/3/15

MHL 155 – Survey of American Music – 3 credits

History of the music of North America from the earliest American Indian music to the present. Introduction to the musical trends, composers, socioeconomic developments and trends, musical forms and styles that influence our modern American musical sense. Prerequisites: None.

General Education Designations: C, H, HU

Multiple Sections, Days/Times, Instructors, Start Dates

MTC 113-35889 - Songwriting Techniques – 1 credit

Introduction to pop melody writing and harmonic settings. Development of short ideas into complete songs with the use of contrast, variation, and repetition. Consideration of the pros and cons of writing songs with a partner or small group. Prerequisites: None. Note: Basic note reading and/or music theory is advisable.

W, 3:30p-4:50p, C. Scinto, Begins on 2/18/15

MUC 110-18005 – Music Business: Recording and Mass Media – 3 credits

The operation, scope, and career opportunities in the music business. Focuses on the record industry; environmental music; uses of music in radio, telecommunications, and film; and career options. Prerequisites: None.

Multiple Sections, Days/Times, Instructors, Start Dates

MUC 137- 18287 – Digital DJ Performance Techniques – 3 credits

Covers the skills required for live performance employing digital media with an emphasis on programs such as Serato Scratch Live and Ableton Live. Prerequisites: None.

F, 12:00p-3:00p, A. Noe, Begins on 1/30/15

MUC 211-38294 - Advanced Industry Topics: Artist Management and Development

Operation, scope, and career opportunities in the music business. Focus on advanced aspects of artist management and development. Include roles and responsibilities of an Artist Manager, the nature and structure of the relationship between an Artist and Artist Manager, and the development of business, and career management techniques for Artist Managers. Prerequisites: MUC109, or permission of Instructor or Department or Division Chair.

W, 6:30p-9:10p, R. Spenser, Begins on 1/21/15

MUP 181- 18363 -  Multi-Media Performance Ensemble – 1 credit

The multimedia ensemble is a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) ensemble at PVCC. Our first project for the semester will be to augment a video game experience by creating live music and media to a live video game. Should you sign up for this course, you have the opportunity to determine the direction of future projects as the remaining projects will be co-constructed by the ensemble members. All creative individuals, with any level of experience or abilities, are invited to collaborate in this new experience offered at PVCC. If you can create music, write a program, design media, express yourself through dance, frag a n00b, build your own device, or think outside the box, this ensemble is for you.

T, 5:00p-6:50p, J. O’Leary, Begins on 2/3/15

The PVCC World Music Ensemble

The PVCC World Music Ensemble

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MUP 181-18362 -  World Music & Percussion Ensemble – 1 credit

Learn the cultural history and performance styles of music from Africa, Latin America, India and other countries. No experience necessary.

T, 7:00p-8:50p, J. Parker, Begins on 2/3/15