Auditions will be held January 22nd-24th for the new contemporary music drama, THE BALLAD OF DOWNTOWN JAKE, created by PVCC Fine Arts Faculty Dr. Christopher Scinto (music) and Dr. Lois Roma-Deeley (book & lyrics).

Synopsis: Against the backdrop of the 1950s Civil Rights Movement, an interracial love story unfolds. THE BALLAD OF DOWNTOWN JAKE, a contemporary music drama, explores four character’s struggles with addiction, redemption, hope and one last shot at fame.

Character Breakdown:

HARRY JONES—age 45 hustler, drug dealer and addicted to power and control, Tenor.

JAKE DELMONICO—age 34 jazz saxophone great, addicted to heroin, Baritone.

JASMINE JUNE—age 52 sometime blues singer, waitress, civil rights, Mezzo-Soprano.

SUGAR BABY HAYES—Age 27 blues singer, common-law wife to Jake addicted to alcohol, heroin and grief, Soprano.

ANGEL/Woman in Red—spirit of grace and redemption, addicted to hope, Soprano.

Other speaking roles include: RICHIE—Club Owner, PAWNBROKER, CUSTOMERS IN CLUB and MUSICIANS.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please call (602) 787-6595 to schedule an audition.