Spring 2018 Theater Classes at PVCC

Signing up for spring? The Theater Program at PVCC is designed to provide training for students who wish to pursue a degree, further their skills, or find their passion in the Theater business. Within the core requirements for the degree, students will take courses in Acting, Technical Theater, and Theater production with electives offered in many areas such as Stage Combat, Directing, and Theatre for Youth. PVCC is dedicated to providing hands-on experiences for its students and during a typical school year students work in all areas from Acting, Directing, Designing, Stage managing, Building, and crew work on the five plus Theater shows produced in the two theaters on campus.  

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THE111            3 credits

Introduction to Theatre     

A survey of theatre, including basic elements and principles of production, styles, and/or historical perspectives of theatre, dramatic literature, and criticism. Prerequisites: None.


24282 T, Th 1-2:30pmC. Kosnik

THP214            3 credits


Contemporary theory and practice in directing, the evolution of present-day directing procedures, and a sampling of scripts for directing practice. Principles of script analysis, blocking, casting, rehearsing, and performing. Prerequisites: THP112 or THE220, or permission of Instructor. 

25144T, Th11:00-12:50pmA. Robertson

THP112            3 credits

Acting 1     

Fundamental techniques and terminology of acting through physical and vocal expression, improvisation, and monologue and scene work. Emphasis on characterization. Prerequisites: None.

24152M,W10:30-12:20pmA. Robertson

THP250            3 credits

Stage Properties     

Introduction to stage properties including design, construction and maintenance features. Provides skills in property design and construction using an assortment of standard materials. Prerequisites: None.

35324F10:00-1:00     K Frederick

THF130            3 credits

Stage Combat: (Rapier/dagger, smallsword)

Fundamental techniques and terminology of staged combat with and without weapons. Analysis and performance of safely choreographed violence that tells a story for stage and screen. Prerequisites: None

24269M,W2-3:50pm     A. Robertson

THP151            3 credits

Theatre for Youth     

Principles and techniques of selecting plays, adapting stories, playwriting, directing, designing, producing, and acting in theatre for youth. The course will provide the opportunity to analyze and experience the production process from creating a script to performing a theatre production for a youth audience. Prerequisites: None. 

24292T, TH   9-10:50am  C. Kosnik

THP217            3 credits

Introduction to Design Sceneography     

The role of the theatre designer in creating scenic, lighting, costume, sound, and multimedia effects for stage productions. Elements of the design process and communication of dramatic themes and visions to the audience.
Prerequisites: None. 

24966T, TR   3:00-4:50pm     D Clarke

THF115            3 credits

Makeup for Stage and Screen    

Purposes, materials, and techniques of makeup for stage and screen. Prerequisites: None. 

24153 TTR 1:00-3:50pmA. Robertson

THP270            2 credits     

Musical Theatre Workshop     

Workshop in the study and performance of Musical Theatre repertoire. Including audition techniques, talent evaluation criticism, rehearsal techniques, vocal acting styles, stage movement, and performance. Prerequisites: None. 

24260M6-10:00pmP. Smith/ C. Wagner

THF209            3 credits

Acting for the Camera

Special technical aspects of acting before a camera. Prerequisites: THP112 or permission of Instructor.

24898 M,W 4:00-5:50pmJ. Flowers