PVCC Study Abroad: the student experience in Havana, Cuba

This June, Professor of Art David L. Bradley, along with Professor of Art History, Tomi Johnston led a group of students on a fantastic experience to Havana, Cuba to study art history. Ready on to explore their experience in their own words and images:

The trip to Cuba reinforced my belief that people are the same around the world despite the differences in their governments. I was extremely impressed with the Cuban people's ability to improvise around their lack of resources and money. An example was the Cuban dancers who turned sticks and chairs into musical instruments and how they carved their own drums. -John Storslee

The creative repurposing of space. Houses were turned into restaurants and their walls turned into memorabilia. PC: John Storslee. 

Building walls, streets and power posts turned into pieces of art. PC: John Storslee.

From atop the stock exchange building in old Havana over the port. PC: Kimberly Harris

The architecture and color combinations in Havana. PC: Kimberly Harris

Using color to define individual space. PC: Kimberly Harris

Artwork of Havana, Cuba by PVCC Study Abroad Student Kimberly Harris. 

Tradition, innovation, amazing food, laughter, dancing, lovely people and cobblestones. CUBA, mi enamored! -Wendy Raisanen

Arriving In Style - Photo Series by Michelle Marion