Mountain Minorities: Rai and Tamang Cultures of Nepal Exhibit

From October 1 - November 30, 2015, Paradise Valley Community College is hosting the Mountain Minorities: Rai and Tamang Cultures of Nepal. The exhibit is on loan to the college from the East-West Center in Honolulu, HI and PVCC is the first mainland host. The curator of the exhibit is Dr. Michael Schuster.

Reception Details

Dr. Schuster will be visiting the college on Tuesday, November 3rd for two presentations and a reception. We will welcome Dr. Schuster to the college on 3 NOV @ 6:30P with a reception and presentation in the Buxton Library. Dr. Schuster will also be presenting @ 12:30p in the library on that same date.

Nepal, high in the Himalayas and the birthplace of the Buddha, is a crossroads between India and China. This small landlocked country is home to a great diversity of peoples, languages, flora, and fauna. Nepal has a population of more than 26 million people,made up of over 80 different ethnic communities. Although people often think of the Sherpas guiding trekkers and mountain climbers up to the Everest base camp, there are many lesser known communities living in the lower ranges of the mountains. These are very isolated communities who are often very poor, and have unique ritual practices, clothing,weavings, paintings, and utensils,many of which are on display. This exhibition will focus on two communities: the Tamang and the Rai peoples.

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